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The Falkland Islands fishing area consists of the Inner and Outer Conservation Zones. CFL vessels operate largely within the FOCZ (Falkland Islands Outer Conservation Zone) although at certain times of the year they operate in slightly shallower waters of the FICZ. The shallow area is delimited by the 600-metre depth contour.

The fishery is year-round except the spawning area around the Burdwood Bank, which is closed between 1st June and 31st August as a special conservation measure.

Falkland Island waters in this area are deep with fast moving cold currents. Lines are often set to about 1700 metres and can be displaced by several miles over several hours. Southerly currents often bring small icebergs up from the outer reaches of Antarctica making fishing conditions relatively difficult. A variety of whales – including sperm and killer whales – and flocks of albatross, petrels and terns surround the vessels throughout the year necessitating close attention to environmentally friendly fishing practices.